Episode 011: …and you thought the LAST episode was late…

THUD Logo SmallNot gonna sugar-coat this one – we’re late.  Very, very late.  So late, that the game this podcast is about released while we were away.  This is mostly due to Chronos being both hideously unlucky, and an idiot.  Well, no matter – we’re starting this train again.  On this episode, we talk about why, exactly, Chronos is both hideously unlucky – and an idiot – as well as look at the most recent news with Mojang, some projects involving or having been blatantly inspired by Minecraft, some mods, and some miscellaneous things as well.  Oh, yeah!  We also have another guest with us!  You’ll have to listen to the episode to figure it out; spoiling the surprise that it’s Codename from ASEMBLE is…ahhh, crap.

Oh, and on a side note…remember the funny censoring of swear words in this show?  Chronos has magically determined that all 7 of our fans are probably adults anyway, and has stopped censoring swears.  If, by next episode, he gets a mountain of hatemail concerning this, the censoring will probably come back.


Chronos, Lukey, Kazturkey, and Codename

Show notes/links:

Chronos says “Sorry” quite a bit.

Minecraft 1.2.3 patch notes (Not that this is relevant anymore; Mojang updated to 1.2.4 in the time it took Chronos to edit the damn episode)

Urban Planning!  (In Swedish, unfortunately)

Minecraft Anywhere!  We hope it actually works for you.

Lawsuit Over: Mojang can use the word “Scrolls” for this game, and this game only.

Craftstudio: Awesome idea, not particularly original visual design.

Mod: Portal Gun – Reconstructed

Mod: Junglecraft

Oh, and we have a server!  Just point your Minecraft towards:


Plus, join us on the Mumble server!

Mumble.kritzkast.com, port#: 64738

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  1. April 3rd, 2012 at 07:28 | #1

    Anyone ever notice that Chronos writes in the third person?

    • chronoshag
      April 30th, 2012 at 16:40 | #2

      He doesn’t write like that ALL the time.

      Wait, shit.

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